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Thanks for visiting my down payment assistance page as you will find out information about down payment assistance programs that are still available for first time home buyers. I have information on 4 programs, FHLB, Gwinnett Neighborhood Stabilization Program, GA Dream and the Gwinnnett Homestretch down payment assistance program. All of these programs are great at helping buyers out that have good enough credit to buy a home, but may lack the funds for the down payment and or closing costs.

Then GA Dream program is good for someone who makes to much money for the FHLB and Gwinnett Homestretch programs, but it is a loan so it does have to be paid back. It is also a much more difficult to actually get closed since the GA Dream underwriters are very strict and need a lot documention.

The Gwinnett Homestretch program will have more limitations and you will have to check with me to find out if they still have funds. You can only use the Gwinnett Homestretch program for homes located in Gwinnett county. The home has to also pass requirements as well.

The Gwinnett Neighborhood Stabilization program has higher income limits, high down payment assistance money, but you have to buy their homes and they are in very limited supply.

The FHLB program is in house program and not government sponsored so this means it is a much easier process and you are not limited to buying only Gwinnett county homes. This would be my first pick for someone who wants the easiest program and does not want their homes limited. See the details below for more information on each program. Give me a call to find out information how to get started. I look forward to speaking with you.


2018 FHLB $7,500 Down Payment Assistance For Teachers, Police Officers, Health Care Workers or Firefighters

down payment assistance

2018 FHLB $7,500 Down Payment Assistance Program For Teachers, Police Officers, Health Care Workers or Firefighters Are you a school teacher, police officer, health care worker or firefighter and are thinking of purchasing a home in 2018? If being short on money for down payment, closing costs, and or inspection money, but you have the […]